Is it just me? And replace your blades!

Posted on Wednesday, 23 January 2013 by Hazel Pepper

I lose everything. I have more than one of each tool in pots on my desk, so I have a spare if I can't find something. Is it just me? I have a torch on my desk so I can go hunting under the table when I've lost stuff, and a "Mr Grabby" so I can pick bits up without falling off my chair. Again.

However today I have got 4 of my 5 craft knives in front of me and they are all blunt! How does that happen?

I use a glass cutting mat, which I find is much easier on the hands as it cuts smoother than a self-healing mat, but it blunts your blades quickly. Replace your blades! A blunt knife is more dangerous than a sharp one! Really, really, replace your blades!

Well, I would put new blades in, if only I could find them! And where is that pokey tool. My bone folder and I'm sure I had a few metal rulers knocking about...

Guess I'd better have a tidy up and change all the blades now.

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